Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Silver Lining In a Dark, Dark Sky

It's been over a month since i've written anything extensive and a lot of big and little things have happened since then - A 12- year old girl on a bicycle was killed by a car in San Jose ; Santa Cruz hosted a Wild Cat race that had me carrying my Benotto over a river half nekkid; American capitalism seems to be on the brink of total collapse (yeah!); People Power has kicked off a campaign to create a bike blvd on King St ; and last Friday, I blocked off a portion of the street w/ 2 orange cones so 2 kids could ride their bikes figure 8 style. But of all the big and little things, the one that i find especially poetic is the sight of bicyclists riding around town talking on cell phones - Apparently, that's still legal.

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Fritz said...

Hey, don't forget another minor victory: Micah & I managed to block an attempt to ban bikes on board the Highway 17 Express bus. It's a big deal for me and the other cyclists who ride this bus over the hill every day.