Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let It Collapse


Why bother pretending like I wouldn't enjoy seeing the entire industrial Capitalist system collapse? I mean, I long ago stopped believing that each individual consumer has the power to make a difference in the degradation of the environment by shopping wisely - I mean, I know there are plenty of adults who do believe this, or at least pretend to, but then again, there are plenty of adults who buy lottery tix and talk to Jesus too. And besides, I'm fucking tired of being referred to as a consumer, as if there weren't nobler aspirations for each individual human being.

And yeah, if a total financial collapse does occur I'll probably be one of the first casualties, either out in the bread lines, or put in prison like everyone else for protesting the power of the state. But I'll be comforted knowing that the bulldozers and oil rigs will stand still and with any luck begin to rust as fuel supplies shrink and all the capital that has greased the cogs of this horrible machine that's been raping the earth for the past 200 years disappears. I'll be comforted knowing that there are still indigenous peoples not polluted by industrial societies that will be safer because of its demise.

What's the alternative anyhow? Keep propping up this system in hopes that it's going to reform itself? Get fucking real. It wouldn't/couldn't happen if we elected Ralph Nader or Dennis Kucinich to the presidency.

Regardless of who wins in November, this mad rush to concentrate total power within the hands of the state will continue. I'm not just talking about FISA, but the ubiquitousness of surveillance cameras in everyday life, the excessive use of force (often lethal for poor people) by the police against dissent (see the RNC and DNC), the detention centers for "illegal aliens," and the recent disclosure that the U.S. Army will be deploying a unit inside the United States next month in case of "civil unrest" and "crowd control." We are much farther down the road of fascism that we realize - the very fact that I'm cautious about even writing these words is a testament to that.

So yeah, the bailout, it looks like once again, the bad guys are going to get away while the rest of us are left holding the bill and since there's no guarantee this won't happen again (Enron, Arthur Anderson - and that's just within this decade), I'll be real happy if it doesn't do a god-damn thing to resuscitate the economy and everything completely falls apart.

Let it collapse. I'll see you in the streets.

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