Friday, July 9, 2010

Picking up flowers

Riding down Murray Street this morning, i passed by a knocked down Scabiosa (a.k.a. old ladies pin cushion). Normally, I restrain myself from picking any of these sweet flowers just out of principle - e.g. don't want to be greedy and disrupt the natural beauty of wild flowers pushing through the pavement and sidewalks, but this time i turn around.

who knocked ya down little ones? dog? car? drunken Seabright tourist? i roll up on the toppled plant - some of the flowers already have a kink in their stem. i harvest five, thinking hot damn this is good fortune. i mean, sure, the word "Scabiosa" sounds a lot like a venereal disease. i'd rather call them velveteen pin cushions, but whatever. i ride away with some free flowers, it's a good day already.

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